Accredited Community Forest™

A community forest is any population of trees that is not managed by a government administration, nor a private production forest, nor any other forest scenario where trees are grown for forest product. A community forest, therefore, is a non-production forest, and may consist of either native trees or introduced species. Examples may include: universities, resorts, golf courses, associations, corporate campuses, institutions, and private land.

Community forest accreditation reinforces the proper arboricultural standards that are appropriate for each category of forest, and recognizes the proper management of them.

When a board of directors or property owner is ready to make the commitment to conserving their tree population as an Accredited Community Forest and they can meet the prerequisites, the application is available below to begin the process.

Here’s what to expect:

1. Provide Required Documentation

  • Tree inventory
  • Annual tree management plan
  • Documentation of separate financial line-item for tree care
  • In-house tree care specification or tree ordinance
  • Long-term plan to ensure multi-generational forest

2. Verify your plan with an Accredited Community Forest Warden

If you need assistance, we can put you in contact with an Accredited Forest Warden who will gladly help you develop your plan and documentation. If not, you can proceed straight to verification

3. Pay the application fee

The application fee for an Accredited Community Forest is as follows:

  • Community Forests sized 50-2500 trees–$500 annually
  • Community Forests sized 2500-10,000 trees–$1000 annually
  • Community Forests sized 10,000 trees and above–$1500 annually

Begin the application process…